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Boudoir Photography: A Love Letter

September 22, 2022

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The word “boudoir” is derived from French vocabulary and means a private bedroom or dressing room. Boudoir photography is a form of portraiture that is usually romantic and intimate in nature and first originated in the 1920s when nudity in photographs was illegal. In 2022, a session of boudoir photography can be a beautiful love letter to yourself.

Black and white Boudoir Photography - A love letter to yourself
Boudoir Photography – A Love Letter Natalie Wallace Photography

Why Boudoir?

Many women are choosing to gift themselves with a boudoir shoot for various milestones in their lives, gift a partner with gorgeous intimate images, or just freeze time in a sexy way and immortalize how they look at this point in time. I’ve had brides-to-be come in for a boudoir shoot with images to be fashioned into a beautiful groom’s gift, women commemorating their 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays, gifting images for a special anniversary, or merely to create more confidence in themselves or a newfound love of their own body.

Bridal boudoir photography as beautiful, modern groom's gift and love letter.
Bridal Boudoir – Natalie Wallace Photography

Bridal Boudoir

Imagine a groom on his wedding day, nervously awaiting his bride’s walk down the aisle. He’s wondering how she’ll look, what the guests will be thinking, if the ceremony will go smoothly, if he’ll remember his lines… then a gift arrives. He opens it and sees… his beautiful bride in images shot just for him. It’s a memorable and special gift, unlike any other. Something to treasure his whole life, as he grows old with his beloved wife.

Boudoir Photography - A celebration of the female figure
Boudoir Photography: A Love Letter Natalie Wallace Photography

A Much Needed Boost of Confidence

Next, imagine a mother of three. She has spent 12 years raising birthing and raising small humans. She has spent a dozen years putting everyone before herself and she has forgotten that she is a vital, beautiful woman, an individual who is sensual and lovey and feminine. As she looks through the images from the shoot she gifted herself, she remembers. She’s still all that and a bag of chips.

A Moment Frozen In Time

Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still. There are so many reasons to celebrate yourself with an amazing and pampering boudoir shoot, but the most important of all is that time doesn’t stand still and we aren’t promised tomorrow. Imagine yourself in 20 years opening up and looking at your beautiful boudoir images of yourself at 30, 42, or 56 years old… a moment frozen in time of a younger version of yourself.

We spend so much time criticizing our bodies for not being enough… not tall enough, not thin enough, not perfect enough, not full enough, too freckly, too pale, too round, not young enough but the truth is our bodies are amazing. They are exactly as they should be. They’ve done so much for us and forgiven us for so many things.

A Growing Trend in Photography

Boudoir Photography is gaining in popularity. Each year, more and more women step out of their comfort zones and memorialize this time in their lives with beautiful, powerful boudoir images. Imagine the power these images will have for you in 10, 20, 30 years when you can look back and see just how confident, sexy and gorgeous you were in this season of your life.

Contact Natalie Wallace Photography to schedule your boudoir photography session. We’ll help plan something that captures your individual spirit and the essence of who you are as a woman.

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